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Proc. ASME. GT2022, Volume 10B: Turbomachinery — Axial Flow Turbine Aerodynamics; Deposition, Erosion, Fouling, and Icing; Radial Turbomachinery Aerodynamics, V10BT30A011, June 13–17, 2022
Paper No: GT2022-81357
... Abstract In the present work linear and non-linear regression functions have been tuned with an extensive database describing the unsteady aerodynamic efficiency of low-pressure-turbine cascades. The learning strategy has been first defined using a dataset published in a previous work...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2022, Volume 2: Coal, Biomass, Hydrogen, and Alternative Fuels; Controls, Diagnostics, and Instrumentation; Steam Turbine, V002T20A011, June 13–17, 2022
Paper No: GT2022-81921
.... Such aerodynamic instabilities are investigated using CFD simulations by performing 3D, Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (URANS) of the low pressure, last turbine stage coupled with an axial exhaust hood, with structural struts. The full annulus mesh of both the last stage and diffuser is considered...
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Proc. ASME. GT2021, Volume 2D: Turbomachinery — Multidisciplinary Design Approaches, Optimization, and Uncertainty Quantification; Radial Turbomachinery Aerodynamics; Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery, V02DT39A014, June 7–11, 2021
Paper No: GT2021-60276
... Industries Siemens Digital Industries Siemens Digital Industries Software Software Software Nuremberg, Germany Orlando, FL Orlando, FL ABSTRACT 1. INTRODUCTION The performance of turbomachines is often dependent on the Gas turbine technology has been a long-standing approach unsteady flow fields...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2021, Volume 2A: Turbomachinery — Axial Flow Fan and Compressor Aerodynamics, V02AT31A005, June 7–11, 2021
Paper No: GT2021-58551
...Abstract Abstract Periodic unsteady flow kinematics in a shrouded multistage low-speed axial compressor has been measured for the first time. Data have been acquired at the inlet and exit of a shrouded 3 rd -stage stator with a particular focus on the hub flows. The newly found features...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 2A: Turbomachinery, V02AT32A073, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-16186
...A THREE-DIMENSIONAL UNSTEADY THROUGH-FLOW MODEL FOR ROTATING STALL IN AXIAL COMPRESSORS Jin Guo, Jun Hu, Xuegao Wang, Rong Xu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, Jiangsu, People s Republic of China ABSTRACT Rotating stall is a natural limit to the stable operating range...
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Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 2C: Turbomachinery, V02CT35A042, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-15621
...QUANTITATIVE EVALUATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF FEEDING-BACK PREVIOUS CYCLES INFORMATION FOR CFD PERIODIC CONVERGENCE Jesus Contreras1, Javier Crespo1 1ITP Aero, Madrid, Spain ABSTRACT Unsteady simulations represent an expensive sub-set of CFD simulations in terms of computational resources. Among...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 2E: Turbomachinery, V02ET41A035, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-15780
... and compared against the experimental data. The coherent unsteadiness in cutback region was visualized to reveal the mixing process between mainstream and coolant flow. The numerical accuracies between different unsteady prediction methods, i.e. URANS (Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier- Stokes), SAS (Scale...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 4A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions, V04AT04A020, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-14390
...INVESTIGATION ON THE FLUCTUATIONS OF THE SPRAY ANGLE GENERATED FROM PRESSURE-SWIRL ATOMIZERS Xiwei Wang 1 , Yong Huang 1 , Lei Sun 1 1 School of energy and power engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China ABSTRACT The unsteady characteristic of the pressure-swirl atomization system was studied...
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Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 5: Controls, Diagnostics, and Instrumentation; Cycle Innovations; Cycle Innovations: Energy Storage, V005T05A026, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-16033
... pressure probes. Keywords: Combustors; Cooling; Measurement Techniques; Unsteady. NOMENCLATURE Roman Symbols Cp Specific heat at constant pressure D Diameter dx Incremental length along probe dq Incremental heat flow rate dS Incremental area FAR Flame richness h Heat transfer coefficient k Conductivity...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2009, Volume 3: Heat Transfer, Parts A and B, 1173-1181, June 8–12, 2009
Paper No: GT2009-59428
... of cavities, while the LES is more advanced from an iew. Moreover, the unsteady RANS method is most for industry. It should be valuable in the detailed utations for selecting the optimized design. S g cavity, buoyancy, unsteady, LES, RANS ATURE ] temperature ] temperature of the wall ] temperature...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2003, Volume 6: Turbo Expo 2003, Parts A and B, 989-998, June 16–19, 2003
Paper No: GT2003-38715
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2004, Volume 5: Turbo Expo 2004, Parts A and B, 1189-1198, June 14–17, 2004
Paper No: GT2004-53511
... 25 11 2008 To give insight into the influence of the clocking and the stator-rotor interaction, the unsteady 3D flow through a two-stage turbine is simulated numerically, using a time marching Navier-Stokes computer code with a sliding mesh approach. A stator clocking is applied...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2005, Volume 6: Turbo Expo 2005, Parts A and B, 1285-1294, June 6–9, 2005
Paper No: GT2005-68115
... on the unsteady blade row interaction, the 3D flow through the two-stage turbine is simulated numerically, using an unsteady Navier-Stokes computer code. The investigations include a comparison of two bladings with different design criteria. The reference blading is a commonly used cylindrical designed blading...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2006, Volume 3: Heat Transfer, Parts A and B, 127-137, May 8–11, 2006
Paper No: GT2006-90166
.... The general flow field, the jet trajectory and the streamwise circulation are utilized in the validation of the quasi steady assumption. film cooling unsteady modelling density ratio blowing ratio PIV Proceedings of ASME TURBO EXPO am no Tw di sim cir as ra IN ot be ec bu pr str res Zü...