Phase 2 of the TMI-2 accident (core uncovery and melting) is revisited with the latest release of MELCOR (i.e., Version 1.8.5). An enhanced multi-ring multi-level hydro nodalization of the reactor core and upper plenum was developed to permit calculation of natural convection heat transfer between the core and upper internals. Uncertainties in boundary and initial conditions are investigated with particular attention given to the distribution of liquid in the RCS at the beginning of Phase 2 and to the histories of pressure and level in the steam generators. Special attention given to modeling the boiler sides of the once-through steam generators is presented. The modeling is designed to capture the rapid condensation of RCS vapor that would result from spraying cold auxiliary feedwater directly onto the upper portion of a voided steam generator tube bundle. Presentation of key Phase-2 accident signatures including fuel temperatures and hydrogen generation are presented. Comparisons are made between MELCOR calculations, TMI-2 data, and SCDAP/RELAP simulations. A largely improved MELCOR simulation of TMI-2 Phase 2 is obtained.

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