The Lattice-Boltzmann Method (LBM) has been used for investigating flow behavior and characteristics in mini, micro and nano channels with the objective of describing the transition among different length scales. In particular, we have used the LBM to describe the air bearing lubrication problem at very small scales. For doing this, first we simulate and characterize the Poiseuille flow through different length scale and compare the LBM numerical results to existing experimental and numerical results. We put special attention on the application of the slip boundary condition on the channel wall for very small length scales. Our numerical results for the Poiseuille flow show an acceptable agreement with the Fukui & Kaneko numerical solution for continuous and slip-velocity regimes. For both, the rarified flow regime and the free molecular flow regime our solutions do not show an acceptable agreement with the Fukui & Kaneko Model. Then, we focus on the Couette flow characterization at very small length scales. The pressure distribution on both walls for different Knudsen numbers is obtained and compared to existing numerical results. Last, we concentrate in the air bearing problem. We have looked at the best simulation parameters for successfully describing this device flow dynamics, and particularly, for determining the pressure distribution and the net force with a good accuracy.

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